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What is Sprout Stage? 

How does your Sprout Stage™ strategy fit into the venture capital ecosystem? 

What does your typical investment look like?

Like a larger VC, we are life-cycle investors so will pursue follow-on investments. We will join the Board and are available to work actively with the team on strategy, product, partnerships, recruiting or other operations.  Unlike a large VC and more like an Angel investor, smaller rounds are the core of our strategy and garner our full attention.  Hence we are strongly aligned with the founders on building equity value, not focused on putting money to work. Unlike a typical angel, we are not sprinkling seeds in ideas to see what might grow, but instead focus our attention on fewer sprouts. 

What does your typical investment look like?

Our initial investment depends on the capital needs and stage of the business.  Our sweet spot is an initial investment of $1M-$4M  of a $2M-4M round.  We usually lead first institutional financings but can join as a syndicate partner as well.

  1. 1)A demonstrable product or technology:  Sprout Stage begins when a product or technology has been developed to the point it can be demonstrated to partners and experienced by an early group of users.  Do you have a great demo?  Please send us a link or video or description here.

  2. 2)Mass market potential:  We seek feedback from early adopters, examine user behavior and form our own opinion to assess mass-market potential.  Essentially, we want to be wowed by the product or technology.  We are seeking the product or service that could become a recurring habit / need for consumers or something essential for a broad range of enterprises.  We value products that are easy to use, bring joy or strong ROI to their users and provide unique capabilities not yet established in the marketplace.  We have developed the pattern recognition for mass market potential and have the know-how to help companies attain it.  We only invest in our target industries

  3. 3)Incredible core technology.  Sometimes a core technology brings new fundamental capabilities that form the basis for the value proposition, other times it makes a product substantially faster, simpler or less complicated.  Examples of technology that wowed us are Pandora’s Music Genome Project, SoundHound’s Sound2Sound Search Science, or Image Vision Labs’ visual recognition algorithms

How does your Sprout Stage™ strategy fit into the venture capital ecosystem? 

Venture capital has a vibrant ecosystem from seed and angel investors to the larger VCs.  Growth in the industry has pursued a barbell approach with a proliferation of angels on one side and the proliferation of larger VC funds on the either.  Walden Venture Capital’s Sprout Stage strategy fills the chasm between these two and shares some characteristics with each. 

What is Sprout Stage™? 

Sprout Stage™ is the backbone of our strategy. 

Sprout Stage™ companies have three defining characteristics: 

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