Walden invests in Digital Media and Cloud Services, industries where the Partners have passion, experience and insight.  Both of these industries are in the midst of dramatic, multi-billion dollar, power shifts that will last for many years to come. While these segments seem "hot" today, the shift to internet distribution of both media and computing resources is still at an early stage.  We are seeking companies whose innovation will bring joy and value to users as well as to our investors.  










Digital Media

Cloud Services

Digital media trends we believe to be particularly relevant:

  1. BulletDevice proliferation: over 1 billion mobile phones sold per year, connected CE devices, all with increasing capabilities

  2. BulletMobile Broadband: the faster the connection, the more time people spend.  Remember dial-up to broadband transition at home and work?

  3. BulletSocial: now the #1 time use on line

  4. BulletProducts or service that leverage unique device capabilities (e.g.: microphone, camera, location/gps, gyro, touch, etc).

  5. BulletLocal; the overlap of online and physical

  6. BulletPersonalization

Cloud Services trends we believe to be particularly relevant:

  1. BulletComputing shift to the cloud

  2. BulletScalability with controlled costs

  3. BulletEase of adoption and management

  4. BulletNew infrastructure required to  support media, mobile, tracking, compliance